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Züri Fäscht 2013: An Unmissable Summer Event

Zueri Faescht 2013

Once every three years, Zürich is hosting a gigantic party. The best news? Everyone is invited, and it's free!

I have been secretly counting down the years, months and days since the last Züri Fäscht. So from Friday through Sunday, July 5 - 7, 2013, the latest edition of the Züri Fäscht is finally back! And the weather forecast is looking amazing...

Entertaining Attractions

Unlike other city festivals, the Züri Fäscht tries to go beyond concerts, food and parades. Every time around, the program is full packed with entertaining attractions and stunts involving air, water and soil. This time around, it is a daredevil tightrope spectacle, a water show and an air show which have my attention!

Thanks to Ticino being the guest canton, I am looking forward to all the Southern food along the shores of the lake... And for that cold strawberry milkshake, I might head to the Zürich Eighters US Diner on Börsenstrasse!

On Friday and Saturday night at 10:30 PM, big firework displays are going to light up Zürich's lakeside. Some of the best spots will be right along the lake, but we usually venture as far as the ETH Zurich's terrasse for unobstructed (and slightly less crowded) views. Any radio or smartphone with radio app will allow you to stream the synchronized music...

Zueri Faescht 2013

Züri Fäscht Highlights

Air Shows
- Super Puma transport helicopter (FR 14:00, SA 18:45)
- International skydiving teams (FR 22:00, SA 11:00/16:00, SU 16:45)
- PC-7 Pilatus air show (FR 19:00, SA 19:30)
- Electra Solar One solar airplane (FR 20:00, SA 17:00, SU 15:15)
- Czech Flying Bulls air show (FR 21:00, SA 21:30, SU 16:00)
- Acro Team Vogelsang aerobic show (FR 21:30, SA 18:00, SU 17:30)
- JU-52 air show (SA 14:00)
- North American T-6 Texan air show (SA 21:00, SU 14:30)
- Super Constellation air show (SA 20:15)

Tightrope Act
The German Bügler family tiptoes along a 230 meter long rope between the Grossmünster and St. Peter churches...
(FR 19:15/0:00, SA 16:45/19:00/0:00, SU 19:00/22:00)

Creative boats made of PET bottles race each other from Zürichhorn to Hafen Riesbach
(SA 14:00, SU 11:00)

Freestyle, Motorbike and Streetbike Shows
These stunt shows on Mythenquai are sure to take your breath away!
(FR 19:00/21:00, SA 14:00/16:00/18:00/21:00, SU 11:00/13:00/15:00/17:00)

Wakeboard Shows
The Limmat river is turning into a wakeboard mecca as athletes from around the world present their tricks!
(FR 15:30/17:30/19:30/, SA 10:00/15:15/18:15/20:30, SU 10:00/14:45/17:00/19:15)

Amphibious Vehicles
A fleet of 1960's cars with the ability to float in the lake will be on display (and in action) at Seebecken Enge!
(FR 17:00/20:25, SA 11:00/15:45/20:30, SU 11:00/15:00)

International Folk Dance
On the charming Lindenhof, more than 30 folk dance group from all corners of the world will perform and teach their dances...
(FR 17:00, SA 11:00, SU 10:30)

Zueri Faescht 2013 Schwimmauto

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Are you planning on going to the Züri Fäscht, Switzerland's biggest festival? We will be reporting live on site...

More Information

- Getting there by public transportation (no night ticket needed on ZVV!)
- All attractions on a map
- Download the free Züri Fäscht App

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