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Züri Fäscht in 60 seconds or less

The temperatures were as hot as ever but the thunderstorms stayed away. Germany won the quarter-finals and tens of thousands of World Cup fans hit the streets partying. There were more air shows than one could count, including helicopters doing loops and fighter jets playing soccer. (One jet was the "ball" while the others were the goal posts).

We witnessed more incredible stunts than ever, such as with motorcycles on the ground and on a tightrope above the lake. Not to mention a lady performing tricks on a 62 m/180 ft pole! The nightly fireworks were a knock-out. And as always, the food was plenty and delicious! What more can one ask for?

Here is a fun remix of Saturday night's fireworks:

Check out these pictures if you are not convinced yet whether you should attend the Züri Fäscht in 2013:

Courtesy Nicola Pitaro (TA)

Züri Fäscht 2010 - Geschwister Weisheit
Züri Fäscht 2010 - Dimitri and Mamiko
Züri Fäscht 2010 - Limmat Wakeboarding
Züri Fäscht 2010 Fireworks

If you are looking for the downloadable Züri Fäscht program guide, you can find the archived post here.

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Dimitri Burkhard

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