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5 Cool Swiss Ad Campaigns

Swiss advertising often seems to be inspired by Switzerland itself. Recurring elements are cows, the Alps, chocolate and some more cows. Among other subjects that reflect everyday realism, these timeless Helvetic icons are used in clever ways that result in humorous ad campaigns. Take a look for yourself, click on each image for an expanded […]

Colbert Challenging Swiss to “Fondue Pong”

I just came across this clip from Comedy Central and thought it was hilarious! As part of his Olympic coverage, Colbert actually managed to challenge a Swiss representative to a game of "fondue pong", a never before heard of cultural adaptation of beer pong! Oh yeah, also, the guy WAS speaking Swiss German, but you […]

Ski Lift Nostalgia

Having recently spent a day skiing in the Swiss Alps, it occurred to me how drastically technology has changed since my childhood. Most traditional ski lifts have now been replaced by high-speed...

World’s First Zero Star Hotel

I bet you would have never guessed that of all places, Switzerland has had the world's first zero star hotel! That is zero as in null, nada, none. This art installation turned franchise opportunity originated when two creative brains chose an abandoned fallout shelter as an exhibit space. For some reason, the concept of bare necessities resonated […]

5 Unique Swiss Army Knives

Chocolate Swiss Army Knife Here is a gift for your chocolate loving, tool collecting uncle: A perfect combination of the finest Swiss chocolate and the niftiest multi-tool out there! More information                             MP3 Player Swiss Army Knife Think you're part of the […]