Romansh - RhB Train

The seven flavors of the Romansh language

Graubünden happens to be the only officially sanctioned, trilingual state in which the Romansh language holds the official status. You would think that...
ICONSPEAK - New Language invented in Switzerland

ICONSPEAK is a New Language Invented in Switzerland

Have you ever felt completely hopeless in a foreign country, not understanding a single word? ICONSPEAK is a new language...
Lernzentrum Horgen

What makes a language school immersive? Lernzentrum Turner may have the answer.

Switzerland is a linguist's delight. The variations in languages complement the diversity in this tiny...
Swiss French - Cornet

A Primer on the Swiss-French Language

Even if you have studied French for years, you might be puzzled by how Swiss-French differs from what they speak in France. Take a cornet...
Swiss Language - Lausanne

Mind your Language - My Quest to Learning German

It took me two years to realise how to converse with the Swiss "Leute" - be it in the German or French speaking regions. Learning German...
Marathon Gespräche - Episode 1

Marathon Gespräche: Talking to "Foreigners" in Switzerland

Switzerland has been getting more attention than usual, so we came up with the idea of Marathon Gespräche: A conversation series...
Swiss German Smartphone Language Apps

6 Language Apps to Communicate in Swiss German (by InterNations)

Before moving to Switzerland, you have been busy brushing up your German – and so you arrive, feeling well prepared for your stay in Geneva or Zurich...
pizAllegra - Swiss Dialect

Piz Allegra - Decoding Swiss Dialects

At the core of the new Swiss dialect locator is a map of Switzerland. All 3200 Swiss cities and towns are represented...
Mani Matter

Mani Matter - A Great Swiss Song Maker

Ask any Swiss person about Mani Matter and they will start singing one of his many songs...