Swiss German Smartphone Language Apps

6 Language Apps to Communicate in Swiss German (by InterNations)

Before moving to Switzerland, you have been busy brushing up your German – and so you arrive, feeling well prepared for your stay in Geneva or Zurich...
pizAllegra - Swiss Dialect

Piz Allegra - Decoding Swiss Dialects

At the core of the new Swiss dialect locator is a map of Switzerland. All 3200 Swiss cities and towns are represented...
Mani Matter

Mani Matter - A Great Swiss Song Maker

Ask any Swiss person about Mani Matter and they will start singing one of his many songs...
Textualization of Swiss German

The Textualization of Swiss German

On Facebook, there is a page called “Schwiizerdütsch” that has more than 270’000 fans. Similar sites for the “German language” have managed to get some 85’000 fans and even...
The Long Goodbye Roestigraben

The Long Goodbye

Today, a Swiss company sent me a letter that was just 5 sentences long, plus the closing. In my former home...
Liricas Analas

Demystifying Romansh, Switzerland's fourth language

In Switzerland’s mountainous East, roughly 62’000 people speak Romansh. By comparison, this segment equals only 0.9 percent of the Swiss population...

Our Interview with World Radio Switzerland

World Radio Switzerland caters to the English speaking population in Switzerland, as well as to the Swiss Abroad community. WRS is a government funded service to the public, and it is about...

Q&A with Helene Roth - Founder of Roth Language Atelier

I have been taking German lessons for just over a year now and at the risk of sounding annoying, I am rather pleased with the progress I have made. I asked my instructor to share some of her opinions on teaching High German in Switzerland, where Schwiizertüütsch reigns (about 60% of) the land.

6 Clever Insurance Ads with Wordplay Is Fun

I was drawn to this clever series of advertisements by Swiss Life. Covering examples of life’s twists and turns, I find these ads pretty risqué - yet ingenious!...