Ronco sopra Ascona in Ticino, Switzerland

These pictures prove that spring in Ticino is the best

Gelati, grotto or lago are just a few Italian buzzwords that those living in Switzerland’s north know by heart. Spring in Ticino is simply...
ViaGottardo Hiking Trail

Did you know there's a trail connecting Basel and Chiasso? It's called ViaGottardo.

The history of the ViaGottardo trail dates back to the 13th century. The trail crosses Switzerland...

I've spent 48 hours in sunny Lugano (and you should, too!)

In the south of Ticino lies Lugano, a paradise of a city that blends the best of Switzerland with the best of the Mediterranean world...
Lugano in Spring

Ingredients for a Perfect Spring Day in Lugano

Just mere weeks before the blooming of the magnolia trees, I get to spend a day in Lugano. Julie Arlin is my guide, and she shows me her local favorites...
Brilliant Swiss Instagramers - @adislittlecity

10 Brilliant Swiss Instagramers we’ve met in Real Life

Ticino became a meeting point for a bunch of great talents from all over Switzerland. What's their talent? They rock on Instagram! Swiss Instagramers...


Safari del Gusto - Eden Roc Ascona

Safari del Gusto at the Hotel Eden Roc (Ascona)

Are you ready to go on a safari? Just know that you will not be able to spot the Big 5, but venture on a culinary expedition instead. The Safari del Gusto...