10 Most Annoying Swiss Problems

Switzerland seems perfect on the outside.

But wait until you find out about some really annoying problems plaguing the residents there. Imagine all the stuff they have to deal with in their pristine little country! When you get to the bottom of this list, you will surely agree that these are some annoying Swiss problems...


Someone has just dropped a breadcrumb onto the sidewalk.

Vevey - Pedestrian Crossing

How to find time for all the local, cantonal and national elections?

Swiss Direct Democracy - Voting Ballot

How to possibly use up all those vacation days before year's end?

Schedule Book

Which German car to buy this time around? A Benz, a Beamer or a Porsche?

Porsche 911 parked in Zurich

What to do on Sundays when it is prohibited to vacuum your apartment or to do laundry?

Swiss Shared Laundry Room System

Which kind of Swiss chocolate to pick? There are so many.

Swiss Chocolate Aisle at Migros


Where to ski this winter? St. Moritz again, or possibly Verbier or Zermatt?

Skiing in Verbier

Which Swiss bank to chose for a numbered account?

Swiss Bank - Numbered Account

To deposit that blue prosecco bottle in the green or brown recycling bin?

Recycling in Switzerland

To take the train at 10:01 or 10:16? Decisions, decisions...

Swiss ZVV Train

What do you consider the most annoying (luxury) problem in Switzerland?


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  • Moonchild

    My biggest problem right now is when to put out the geraniums. With this weather, do I really have to wait until after the Eisheilige???

    • Thanks for your ever so clever contributions! The geraniums, however, are a real issue.

  • I know this is meant to be a funny post, but let’s be serious for a moment and admit that yes, even lovely Switzerland has serious problems.

    For example, I just read of a woman who needs approximately 30,000 CHF worth of medical care per year and the insurance refuses to pay it (hence the problem of not having free health care)…and I could go on and on.

    • romeoch

      Denise – what place does not have its problems? Switzerland has done many things right and thus ended up being in a better than place than many other countries. Which does not mean things are perfect.

  • Melanie

    Hello Bruderherz 🙂 My biggest swiss luxury problem always was where to go for sunday brunch: Triibhuus or Hiltl, Chäsalp or Almodo bar?? I wish I would have this problem here in NZ! We have one ok café in town called “sandfly cafe” and that’s it! And they don’t even serve sunday brunch like we used to have in Zurich… 🙁

    • Hoi Sis! So true, and you would know because you are one of the biggest “brunchers” I have ever met! 🙂

  • Chrissy

    And not to forget: “Have I said THANK YOU often enough in one conversation?”

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  • Alan Jennings

    Um, swiss? That *is* the problem! In my opinion, naturally. What else would it be, hmm? Think about it. Or not! Enjoy your fun whilst it lasts, folks. “What goes around comes around” as we say here in this wee part of dear old planet earth.
    Anyway, life goes on; and we mere mortals go with it. Such is the way of things. Ever & anon. Adios!

  • Cindy

    And then we have Italy whose people are selling the gold from their teeth to Mafia who sends it to SWITZERLAND. My, my. Maybe the U.S. is blasting the wrong countries. Be assured – it won’t last forever there – enjoy!

    • Anne-Marie Muller

      I am assuming you have never been to Switzerland before, and hence have no idea what you are talking about, so as someone who is from Switzerland, your obviously under-informed comment will be forgiven.

  • GothVanhellsing

    One day I plan on sailing there and living out the rest of my life in Switzerland. I know there are worse social/government issues but the freedom you have the control over the government you have is just wonderful. It’s like a libertarian mecca. And as I sit here in North Carolina I look to the Swiss and envy your freedom.

  • kole king

    hahahahahahaha wow a bread crum on the side walk really

  • JeanPaulJ

    What’s this about bans on vacuuming/doing laundry? In my village they forbid you from mowing the lawn (or using other garden machinery) on Sunday, but if you’re inside you can do as you please!

    • romeoch

      This applies more to living in an apartment complex than a house.

      • JeanPaulJ

        Aha! That makes sense.

  • Trevor Stone

    My great grandmother was Swiss. She left Basel in 1870 something to come to South Africa where she had nine kids and a dress shop in Joubert Park in old Jo’burg in the early 19 hundreds Switzerland has improved since she left and South Africa has not even with all my semi Swiss cousins around here.

  • Bee Judy

    LOL… I love this, only one little problem……you left out the fabulous cheese!!

  • Jessie Powers

    Horrific troubles indeed

  • PhilLC

    being fined CHF100 by a recycling company for ostensibly throwing a plastic item in their recycling bin which did not qualify as plastic according to their criteria…yes, today in Zurich! No grace, no second chance…

    • Mike Gledhill

      I didn’t realise that when I moved house, from the Kanton of Zurich to Aargau, I wasn’t allowed to use the recycling in Zurich anymore, and I got told off. And here was me thinking recycling was a global problem… heck no.. (They have a polystyrene recycling bin in the Dietikon recycling place… and I ca
      n’t find such a thing in Aargau…)

      • PhilLC

        I very much believe in recycling but the massive inconsistencies of how each commune or canton applies it is very bothersome….to put it mildly

      • newlyswissed

        The macrocosm of recycling…

  • Roxane Teixeira

    Really? We always do laundry AND vacuum on Sundays. In an apartment. Nobody has ever complained.

    • Mike Gledhill

      (Gasp.) If I was Swiss, I would give you such an evil look.
      Then, wander off, grumbling to myself… !!!

    • Mauro Rodrigues

      Nonetheless it’s forbidden in most of the country divisions (kantone)

  • HenryV

    It is one you don’t mention. It is having to drink beer when you go shooting with the rest of your village. I don’t drink.

  • nursingaround

    The selfish, money driven, heartless people

  • Roberto Lopes de França

    Toom much free time in hands surely.

  • Megs22

    It’s truly terrible to have to choose between the moitie moitie and the champagne fondue.

    • newlyswissed

      Good one! What’s your coice? I’d go with the champagne fondue from Quai 61 here in Zürich… ^Dimitri

  • put your machine gun to the cellar or attic? hmmmm

  • Lara Zaugg

    So right about the chocolate 😉

  • barcef

    I would ask if they carried Hersheys just to piss someone off.

  • Caroline

    Rules are meant to be broken! Yes, in many apartment buildings you’re not meant to do your laundry on Sundays – but everybody does. Yes, medication is expensive – but if you have the chance, just buy it in Germany on your next trip. The so called “Bünzlis” aka annoying, narrow-minded Swiss people should just be ignored 😀

    • newlyswissed

      Thanks for the upbeat comment! ^Dimitri

  • Heather Beather

    My fave is all the outdoor swimming pools being empty as it MIGHT rain. I do my laundry on a sunday and if anyone complains I will throw a zopf at them.