Jodlerfest Lachen 2012

A candid look at the Swiss yodeling festival in Lachen

The yodeling festival in the historic town of Lachen attracts some 2000 contenders from the cantons of central Switzerland. From alphorns to flag spinning...
Albert Einstein - Swiss Passport

As Different as Milk and Shake

As we leave the retro American diner near the river, I reminisce about all the other times I tried to find what I’m looking for. “I just don’t understand,” I tell my husband while finding our way back to the car. “This is the land of milk and chocolate. How could a milkshake go so wrong?”
Albert Einstein - Swiss Passport

Tell - Das Musical

Newly Swissed has given away two pairs of tickets to the world premiere of TELL - DAS MUSICAL!
Swiss Bread Chart

Is Switzerland the ultimate land of bread?!

When the Swiss move overseas or even just visit English speaking countries, there is one thing that almost every one of them will complain about: The bread...
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A Lesson in Family Politics

Swiss voters in the Canton of Geneva will be casting their votes on the issues concerning lack of nurseries places...
Albert Einstein - Swiss Passport

Unexpected Notes from the Montreux Jazz Festival

I imagined a jazz festival with deep bass strings humming, whisker like drum sticks scratching jazz beats, and husky divas or melancholic trumpets vibrating our sorrow, like Sarah Vaughan’s or John Coltrane’s. All that jazz. I guess I was too orthodox or retro...
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In the Footsteps of Einstein, Joyce and Lenin

Artists, scientists, political visionaries: Zurich has been home to some of the greatest and most original minds of the last century or two...
Albert Einstein - Swiss Passport

Vintage Swiss Travel Pamphlets - Locarno/Ascona

I have a knack for vintage postcards, stamps and brochures. So over the next few weeks, I will be presenting you with a number of vintage Swiss travel pamphlets from my personal collection...
Albert Einstein - Swiss Passport

The Chronicles of William Tell: From Folklore to Musical

William Tell is the world famous Swiss hero from the 13th century, whose legend has been retold thousands of times in many languages since 1475...