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21 Signs that You Should Never Travel to Switzerland


You don't get why people are fascinated by the swans.

Switzerland Swans


You do not agree with the treatment of milk cows in Switzerland.

Swiss Mik Cows


You are on a low-carb diet.

St. Galler Bread Loaf


You think cog rail trains move too slowly. Why haven't they figured out a shortcut yet?

Brienzer Rothorn Bahn
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You don't understand why everyone is so fascinated about the Matterhorn.

Zermatt Matterhorn


Riding chair lifts makes you feel uncomfortable.

Switzerland Chair Lifts


You don't like Alpine hiking paths because there is no cellular signal up there.

Hiking Path Sign on Pizol, Switzerland


And the breathtaking vistas are just not rewarding enough for all that effort.

Ticino - Cardada Cimetta


You think that munching on delicious Swiss chocolate in the place that coined the term is overrated.

Lindt Chocolate Workshop Switzerland


You get confused by multilingualism. Most everyone speaks English, apart from German, French or Italian.

Multilingualism in Switzerland


You heard that Swiss towns have no charm.

Ascona Cobblestone


You are afraid that the mineral rich Swiss water will leave calcium stains.

Swiss Fountain Water


You wonder why there is no walking escalator to cross that wooden bridge in Lucerne.

Lucerne - Kapeller Bridge


You believe that Swiss chalets are too quaint.

Switzerland Chalet in Muerren
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You don't like snow days.

Switzerland Pfannenstil in Winter


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You think that paying money to slide down a mountain on two boards is borderline crazy.

Skiing Flumserberg


Too much untouched nature makes you feel uncomfortable.

Kloentalersee - Switzerland


And St. Bernard dogs freak you out.

St. Bernards Litter of 12 - March 7, 2014


You think graffitis are a disease for cities.

Switzerland Graffitis - Bern


You are convinced that hanging bridges are more spectacular back home.

Trift Hanging Bridge


Game over! You've accidentally booked a flight to Swaziland, duh!

Kingdom of Swaziland - Embassy in Zürich(Photo copyright St. Bernards by Berry Foundation; post inspired by

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Dimitri Burkhard

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