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Nutello the Pug is a Swiss Internet Phenomenon

Nutello the Pug

If you haven't heard of Grumpy Cat or Choupette, you have probably been living under a rock.

Over the past few years, these adorable felines have set the internet ablaze with their ridiculously cute photos. Their canine counterparts haven't done do so badly either: A pomeranian named Boo has about sixteen million followers. Yes, sixteen. That makes a certain Puli named Beast pale in comparison, with only two million followers, even though his owner/Daddy owns Facebook.

With social media being ubiquitous in this day and age, it is only natural that our pets become part of the phenomenon. Call it the "fur kids" phenomenon if you like, the world is a little, if not, very obsessed.


Meet Nutello the Pug

Meet Switzerland's own dog celebrity, Nutello (@nutellothepug). At press, his followers base was almost 21'000. It might seem humble compared to those celebrity star pets listed but his fan base is growing - and fast.

Nutello the Pug

Nutello is just a one and a half year old pug who hails from the tiny Swiss canton of Appenzell. Go onto his Instagram feed: Adorable just doesn't cut it. His postman must know his address in Herisau by heart as this pug constantly receives presents and outfits from fans all over the world. And this little pug really has the knack for making any outfit look good.

Then again, I am on Team Dog, so I might be biased. Check out Nutello for yourself and see...


Here's Nutello with his mom, Melina Kapkovic:

Nutello the Pug(Photography copyright @nutellothepug/Barcroft Media)


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