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8 Creative Smart Car Modifications

Often discounted as Cozy Coupes with horsepower, thousands of tiny Smart cars are whizzing about on Swiss roads! They would simply not fit a 24-pack of toilet paper, unless the Smart had undergone one of these cool modifications which would probably make inventor and late Swatch CEO Nicolas Hayek turn in his grave...

Is Bike Polo the New Black?

What sounds like just another sport for the elites has actually established itself quite well among normal folks. Evidence of this can be seen in Geneva, which is hosting the European Championship these days. Personally, I am going to sit this one out until someone creates a league for Segway polo… What’s your take on bike polo? Do […]

Scary Flash Mob Scene in Zurich

Recapturing the events of May 25, 2010, this video really freaked me out! These horrifying scenes from downtown Zurich remind of the ABC sci-fi drama “FlashForward”, in which people all over the world simultaneously black out to see a glimpse of their future. Greenpeace used this show's very concept as hundreds of activists instantly collapsed to the […]

World’s Worst Parking Job in Switzerland!

Granted, Switzerland is a tiny country with parking spaces the size of bathtubs. Regardless of this fact, on a recent morning in front of a train station in Bern, 47-year-old Lutz Buergi had the world to himself when he was trying to park his car. Sadly for him, Buergi somehow managed to avoid the void […]

Züri Fäscht in 60 Seconds or Less

The temperatures were as hot as ever but the thunderstorms stayed away. Germany won the quarter-finals and tens of thousands of World Cup fans hit the streets partying. There were more air shows than one could count, including helicopters doing loops and fighter jets playing soccer (one jet was the "ball" while the others were the […]

Cow Trekking in Switzerland

Switzerland is moving in a new direction by utilizing one of their most valued asset in wholly new ways... Cow trekking, anyone? I have never actually ridden a cow, but I know that they can be quite moody. Either way, I have learned that an entrepreneurial farmer in Switzerland is essentially subcontracting his cows to you […]