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Top 5 Most Popular Posts in 2011

It's been a great year for us at Newly Swissed, and we are looking forward to top it once more in 2012! Not only have we grown our team in terms of numbers and diversity, but we have attracted more than 50'000 unique visitors from all over the world!

(This just in: As of Dec 31, 2011, we are counting 100'066 visits on Newly Swissed since inception of the platform!)

Thank you for your continued support, and check out the five most read posts this year:

Extreme Swiss Organizing (Like You Have Never Seen It Before)
Trust me, you will look at your breakfast cereal in a whole new way after you see this! I have recently came across Urs Wehrli, an award-winning Swiss comedian and artist. I could not believe my eyes when I saw excerpts of his latest book on extreme organization...
7 Innovative Web Startups Based in Switzerland
Lately, there has been quite some buzz as the Greater Zurich Area is working on branding itself as the Silicon Valley of Europe. The entrepreneurs behind some of the most innovative start-up firms are young, dynamic and visionary...
Beautiful Origami Art Made in Luzern
Scissors and glue are two items which cannot be found in Sipho Mabona’s studio in Luzern, Switzerland. Because this artist was born with a natural gift which requires no tools other than his fingers: Paper folding.
10 Most Annoying Swiss Problems
Switzerland seems perfect on the outside, but there are actually some really annoying problems plaguing residents here. You might disagree looking from the outside in. But man, they're annoying...
12 Signs That You’re Becoming (Too) Swiss
If you don't get too upset when a public holiday falls on a Sunday, there is no need to read on. You are most definitively turning Swiss! Otherwise, here are some additional ways...

Which was your personal favorite this year? An what would you like us to cover in 2012?

Dimitri Burkhard

As the founder, editor and community manager of Newly Swissed, Dimitri owns the strategic vision. He is passionate about storytelling and is a member of the Swiss Travelwriters Club.

Dimitri loves discovering new trends and covers architecture, design, start-ups and tourism.

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