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Gold Vending Machines Really Exist

Ok, I have to confess that this post is somewhat of a cheat. No, the picture is not photoshopped (or is it?) and the company "Gold To Go" actually exists! However, the gold vending machine is actually a German invention and should not be featured on a blog about Switzerland... The concept is simple: 1. Deposit money […]

Retire Today! (In the Swiss Alps)

Here is an interesting proposal which I recently read about. It is by a government agency and is based on two undisputable facts about Switzerland: 1. One third of the surface area is covered with mountains, but younger generations prefer FarmVille from actual farming (no brainer). This trend results in many struggling alpine villages with deteriorating infrastructures.  2. […]

A ConCERNing Headache

Despite a relaxing lunch at the lake, I had a headache all day yesterday. I simply had no clue who to blame until I read the newspaper this morning: It's CERN! The world's largest particle accelerator project located near Geneva, Switzerland, had broken a record by circulating two proton beams in their underground tunnel to generate 3.5 billion volts […]

Say Cheese! Clarification about a Swiss Icon

The elephant in the room on a blog about Switzerland has got to be cheese. So let's get something out of the way up front: There is no such thing as "Swiss cheese". Yupp, you heard right (although technically, all cheese produced in Switzerland could be considered "Swiss cheese"). This term is actually quite misleading for American ears as outside of Switzerland, it pretty […]

Swiss “Green” Car of the Future

It is no stereotype that Europeans drive some of the smallest and most efficient cars. Coming from the US where pickups are the size of garbage trucks, the largest cars on Swiss roads appear to be Honda Accords... Here is where it gets cool: Rinspeed, a Swiss company, is taking efficiency to the next level […]