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A Nation a Day at the World Cup

So I stumbled upon a cool blog called A Nation a Day, which features a soccer fan from a different nation each day during the World Cup. Below is the photo of Swiss fan "Andy", taken on June 16 after Switzerland beat Spain. At this point, I cannot wait to see the picture of a […]

Swiss Mail Delivery: The Future is Now

Switzerland's not too distant future sees no more physical mail whatsoever. Even though Swiss Post already offers a scan-to-inbox service today, it is still a luxury for most households. But as subscriber rates increase and mail delivery becomes increasingly expensive due to fuel and labor costs, this service is set to expand. Europe's increasingly privatized […]

How to Make a Swiss Laptop Cover

We feel that it is our duty to let you know about what is trending on the web. Therefore, we want to ensure that you are part of the "in-crowd" the next time you hang out at your local Wifi hotspot. These days, it is all about customization, so people everywhere are adding some cool […]