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Boys Are Us – Swiss Teen Love Story of a Different Kind (Review)

Boys Are Us (2013)


After 16 year old Mia gets hurt in love, she decides to take revenge on a boy. With the help of her sister Laura, she comes up with a plan: Timo should have to go through the same pain as Mia has gone through.


Instead of using popluar (and costly) faces, Swiss director Peter Luisi ("The Sandman") has chosen new but highly talented actresses such as Joëlle Witschi (as Mia) and Delelila Piasko (as Laura).


At the beginning, you think that you have figured out Switzerland's latest teen love story. But suddenly with the entrance of the character of Timo, you get confused. This dramatic change adds a lot to the suspense of this powerful teen drama.

Cinemani Vote

Once again, Peter Luisi shows us all that it does not take a lot of money to produce a convincing movie. Thanks to an innovative script, a good cast and solid direction, this drama gives us a glimpse into the often frightful world of today's "Digital Natives".

In Swiss Cinemas: May 16, 2013

Mohan Mani

As the chief film-critic of a Swiss newspaper, Mohan is our expert on movies! He makes a living out of his hobby and shares his opinion here and on his Twitter feed @cine_mani...

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