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Who Killed Johnny – Swiss Expats in L.A. (Review)

Who Killed Johnny (2013)


They are eager to make it big by writing a script for a Hollywood blockbuster. But life in Los Angeles for the two Swiss expatriates is turned upside down one day when it is not the screenplay contract they discover at their door, but rather a dead body.


Swiss actress Yangzom Brauen is the leading force behind this no-budget comedy. She has motivated some close friends such as Melanie Winiger, Max Loong and Carlos Léal to participate in her directorial debut.


From start to finish, the easy listening soundtrack adds a lot to the mood of Who Killed Johnny. This contemporary comedy features a cast speaking both Swiss German and English.


Even with a running time of 80 minutes, this comedy is too long. In fact, a short movie would have been enough. The first scenes are quite funny, but after a while one wishes for a better story - and that Swiss expats in Hollywood are able to participate in a better movie in the future!

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Mohan Mani

As the chief film-critic of a Swiss newspaper, Mohan is our expert on movies! He makes a living out of his hobby and shares his opinion here and on his Twitter feed @cine_mani...

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Mohan Mani

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