How to Capture Swissness – Part 1

Google the term "Swissness" and you will find images ranging from garden gnomes to station clocks. The expression is understood the world over as it describes everything that is uniquely Swiss. But few people know that "Swissness" is a term made up by the Swiss, which might explain why it is missing from the Oxford Dictionary…

Photographer Tabea Reusser has trained her eyes to spot Swissness in the most common places and spaces of all. Her aim is to break right through existing stereotypes and uncover Switzerland’s taboos. Ultimately, Reusser’s refreshing photographs provide a candid view of Switzerland and how it really is!

See the result of photographer Tabea Reusser’s quest to find Swissness:
Swissness by Tabea Reusser - Katze in Jura

Swissness by Tabea Reusser - Holzstock in Baselland

Swissness by Tabea Reusser - Feldarbeit in Jura

Swissness by Tabea Reusser - Baustelle

Swissness by Tabea Reusser - Kueche in Thun

Swissness by Tabea Reusser - Haus in Bueren

Swissness by Tabea Reusser - Loetschberg Bern

(Pictures copyright of Tabea Reusser)

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