In this category, you will find all kinds of cool facts about Switzerland. From Swiss world records to a quiz about Switzerland or simply random facts about Switzerland, it’s all right here! For instance, did you know that Switzerland has 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites? Or that Zürich has more than 1200 public water fountains?

Hotel7132 Visualization by Slashcube

This Zürich based firm makes amazing 3D visualizations

Thomas Vournazos has a tendency to see things differently from the rest of us. Imagine stepping into the Slashcube Studio and finding yourself on Mars...
Quiz Set 1 - Matthias Neuhaus, Switzerland

Switzerland vs. Kazakhstan (they're actually quite alike)

5365 kilometers. That's the distance between Switzerland and my beautiful hometown of Almaty in Kazakhstan. And if you were to compare...
Swiss Restaurant Mark - Sternen

Why are so many Swiss restaurants called "Sternen"?

Sure, restaurant signs are a common thing around the world. But the historical background of such signs is slightly different here in Switzerland...
Unspunnen Festival 2017

We found alphorns, flags and stones at Unspunnen Festival

It takes place only every twelve years: The Unspunnen Festival that hosts several traditional Swiss sports such as wrestling or stone throwing...
Longest Suspension Bridge in the World - Switzerland

The world's longest suspension bridge hangs in Switzerland

If the word "acrophobia" is in your vocabulary, read no more. The world's longest suspension bridge for pedestrians connects two towns in Valais...
Swiss Bill - 100 Francs

Do you know Switzerland like a pro? Take the 3rd annual quiz.

Every year, August 1 signifies the anniversary of the Federal Charter of 1291. And every year, Newly Swissed is putting together a fun Swiss quiz...
ZKB Cable Car 2020

Will Zürich be getting a cable car across the lake?

Ankara has one. Rio de Janeiro has one. And La Paz in Bolivia has one. Urban cable cars are a popular solution to solving traffic congestion, and Zürich...
Räuber Hotzenplotz Vinyl Record

So I've rediscovered some vinyl records from my childhood

There was a time when audio was served on a black, vinyl platter. No shiny compact discs or iDevices... I rediscovered these children's stories on vinyl...
Climeworks Swiss Start-up

Climeworks miraculously sucks harmful CO2 from the air

For many, Climeworks came out of thin air. Suddenly, two Swiss engineers were all over the airwaves, talking about sucking carbon dioxide...