In this category, you will find all kinds of cool facts about Switzerland. From Swiss world records to a quiz about Switzerland or simply random facts about Switzerland, it’s all right here! For instance, did you know that Switzerland has 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites? Or that Zürich has more than 1200 public water fountains?

New SBB Train FV-Dosto

This is what the future of Swiss train travel looks like

I clearly remember the day in May 1990 when the first ever double deck train was launched in Switzerland. Some 28 years later, SBB is releasing the FV-Dosto...
Hes-so Valais epic class picture

Why this class photo atop a Swiss mountain is so epic

Would you remember the day if your class photo involved a helicopter, professional mountain guides, a lot of rope and a climb up to 2400 meters?
Swiss Quirks

Here are 17 common quirks that make the Swiss so unique

If you've been around Switzerland, you may have noticed that it's a special place to live. But like any other country, Switzerland has its perks and quirks.

More myths about Switzerland - debunked!

When you live in Switzerland, you will often encounter various myths about this country. Some of these claims might startle you or make you scratch your head...
Doodle Zürich Headquarters

We've met the people behind the Doodle scheduling tool

Have you ever tried to coordinate a group meeting? If you have banged your head off walls in frustration, you probably haven't discovered Doodle, the Swiss...
Stoos Funicular 2017

Meet the world's steepest funicular (and ride it, too!)

From the longest railway tunnel to the steepest cogwheel railway, Switzerland is a tiny country of superlatives. Anther stunning record has been...
Turicum Gravestone at Lindenhof in Zurich

A brief guide to discovering Zürich’s Roman history

For those visitors and residents who are into archaeology and history, Zürich has a lot to offer. "Turicum" used to be a Roman station as early as 200 AD...
Hotel7132 Visualization by Slashcube

This Zürich based firm makes amazing 3D visualizations

Thomas Vournazos has a tendency to see things differently from the rest of us. Imagine stepping into the Slashcube Studio and finding yourself on Mars...
Quiz Set 1 - Matthias Neuhaus, Switzerland

Switzerland vs. Kazakhstan (they're actually quite alike)

5365 kilometers. That's the distance between Switzerland and my beautiful hometown of Almaty in Kazakhstan. And if you were to compare...