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Swissness inside: 17 photographs of the iconic Swiss cross

Without a doubt, there are more patriotic countries than Switzerland.

After all, the idea behind the Helvetic Republic is a collaboration among alpine states, each having their own identity and coat of armor.

But yet, spotting the universally recognizable Swiss cross brings up emotions, and I don't mean this in a patriotic way. It might be a in the shape of a Swiss flag on a mountain top or a Swiss cross on a cheese wrapper...

During these moments of discovery, I simply cannot resist grabbing the camera to snap a picture. When I reflect on why the Swiss cross has this magical draw, I think that it reminds me of ideals like Swiss quality, as well as very real things like Swiss chocolate.

With an advance homesickness warning to the Swiss abroad, here are 17 photographs of the iconic Swiss cross:


1. I loved this Swiss flag above the entrance to the cheese dairy at Musenalp, Canton Uri:

Musenalp Cheese Dairy, Canton Uri

2. On an immense cliff behind the alpine hut, another Swiss flag looks down on Musenalp:

Musenalp Cheese Dairy, Canton Uri

3. Down by Lake Lucerne, we caught this Swiss flag in the wind as the steamboat left the docks at "Treib":

Lake Lucerne Boat at Treib Station

4. As you may know, only boats and ships are allowed to display the nautical, rectangular Swiss flags. Here's a steamer in Vevey on Lake Geneva:

Steam Boat on Lake Geneva at Vevey

5. Swiss flag galore at Zürich Airport:

Swiss Air Lines Aircraft at ZRH Airport

6. That feeling when you spot the Swiss flag when peeking out the airplane window...

Swiss Air Lines Window View

7. The iconic Swiss cross is almost part of the brand of these Pilatus aircraft on a military airport:

Pilatus Aircraft at Dübendorf Airport

8. Speaking of the military: does it surprise you to know that the official military chocolate comes with a Swiss cross on it?

Swiss Military Chocolate

9. On the Swiss National Holiday, bakeries will sell delicious "zopf" buns adorned with tiny Swiss flags:

Zopf Buns for Swiss National Day

10. And this Swiss flag "plays" an important part during a Schwyzerörgeli accordion concert:

Swiss National Day Harmonica Concert

11. During city holidays, Zürich decorates the Grossmünster towers with Swiss flags. Someone will actually climb up there to place the flags!

Grossmünster Towers in Zürich adorned with Swiss Flags

12. This flag in Geneva against the snow covered mountains in the background is permanent:

The Geneva City Scape with Snow-Covered Peaks and a Swiss Flag

13. Bern's old town with a number of flags, including a Swiss flag with a Bernese flag behind:

A Swiss flag waving in the Old Town of Bern, Switzerland

14. Naturally, there are lots of Swiss flags inside the Swiss Parliament in Bern:

Swiss Flag at the Swiss Parliament in Bern

15. Most every peak in Switzerland displays the Swiss flag, such as here on the Brienzer Rothorn:

Brienzer Rothorn Restaurant with Swiss Flag

16. We found this Swiss flag on Diavolezza in the Engadine at nearly 3000 meters above sea!

A Swiss Flag on the Diavolezza Glacier

17. And among these traditional Valais huts in Zermatt, one very tall Swiss flag!

Swiss Flag in a Snow Covered Village in Valais, Switzerland

How do you feel when you spot a Swiss cross or a Swiss flag? Let us know in the comments!

Dimitri Burkhard

As the founder, editor, and community manager of Newly Swissed, Dimitri owns the strategic vision. He is passionate about storytelling and is a member of Swiss Travel Communicators. Dimitri loves discovering new trends and covers architecture, design, start-ups and tourism.


Dimitri Burkhard

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