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Switzerland's Tax System

A Primer on Switzerland’s Tax System

Switzerland is a Confederation divided into cantons (states) and communes, all of which work alongside banks, lawyers, companies and consultants to develop and maintain financial and administrative procedures. Switzerland places taxes on residents, companies, goods, real estate and savings...
How Swiss Samichlaus Santa Works

Impressions from the Zürich Carnival Parade 2012

Some parts of Switzerland actually have five seasons, with carnival…
Annecy Venetian Carnival

Unmissable March Events in (and Around) Geneva

The month of March in Geneva marks not only the gentle awakening of nature leading into spring, but also the opening of some unmissable events that decidedly bring the city of international diplomacy out of its winter lull.
Frozen Over In Geneva

Incredible Pictures of Geneva's Frozen Lake Shores

Some years ago, arctic conditions caused some rather fascinating sculptures of ice. Geneva’s lake shores were frozen over, and here are the incredible pics...

2 Swiss Social Apps Put to the Test

A while back, we reported on a few Swiss startups that we think will make it big. Since then, I’ve tested out two of the services mentioned in the article: Spontacts and Connexio. While these two services could not be any more different...
Swiss Recycling on a Sunday

A Primer on Recycling in Switzerland

Compared to US where most things are thrown into a huge dumpster, I truly admire the way the Swiss recycle. Here's everything to know about recycling...
Learning to Ski in Laax

Learning to Ski in Laax

As a repatriated Swiss who grew up in Canada, there are two smudges on my character profile. The first one is that I don’t much care for hockey. The second blemish is that I don’t ski...
Running in Switzerland - Silvesterlauf Zürich

2012: Let's Start Running!

So here we are in 2012, and you did it: You’ve made a New Year’s resolution to be more active and start running. Like so many things in Switzerland, it was not the Swiss who invented running, but they do it very well...
How Swiss Samichlaus Santa Works

Samichlaus - My first hand encounter with Swiss Santa

My first Santa welcoming was last year, in the Städtli of Greifensee. It was a very cold night and Samichlaus was there with his...