Newly Swissed is a flagship online magazine about Switzerland. From Swiss world records to quizzes or random facts about Switzerland, Vineyards bathe within the sun in the summertime and are lined with fog in fall. In winter, lakes defend them from harsh temperatures. Once coming back here, guests get aware of the lakesides of Neuchatel, Lake Biel-Bienne and Lake Wohlen, and their varied native preparation. Baked perch and pike, and filet with wine sauce are ancient native food. Make your European nation vacations additional pleasant by the lip slap delicacies. do not miss the planet noted sauces utilized in the savory dishes of the European nation. Another common delicacy is the common Swiss chocolates.

Runway 34 Restaurant Zurich

Taking off at the Runway 34 Restaurant in Zürich

The concepts of "airline" and "restaurant" have been combined many times all over the world. And fortunately for anyone in the Zürich area, Runway 34 is...

A One Night Stand Without the Guilt - Zürich Supper Club

Anyone who has ever been new to a city knows what it is like to try and make new friends. Supper clubs are not a new idea, but they are still new to Zurich and it took a passionate American to make it happen...

Sweet Zürich Tour - How to Become a Connoisseur of Chocolate and Life

Food blogger Kerrin offers a guided sweet safari through Zürich. She has lead me to some new feeding grounds with plenty of Zürich’s finest chocolates...

Meet Switzerland's Original Grill Sheriff

Recently, my BBQing skills advanced from a "I usually get it…

A Primer on Swiss Wine

By law, every house in Switzerland needs to have a basement for protection during war. However, I discovered that almost all of my friends here have their cellars piled up to the ceiling with bottles of all kinds of wines...
McDonalds in Switzerland

McDonald's Claim to Swissness

I am not one to frequent McDonald's often, but I was disappointed to have recently missed "Swiss Week"...

Say Cheese! Clarification about a Swiss Icon

The elephant in the room on a blog about Switzerland has got…