Newly Swissed is a flagship online magazine about Switzerland. From Swiss world records to quizzes or random facts about Switzerland, Vineyards bathe within the sun in the summertime and are lined with fog in fall. In winter, lakes defend them from harsh temperatures. Once coming back here, guests get aware of the lakesides of Neuchatel, Lake Biel-Bienne and Lake Wohlen, and their varied native preparation. Baked perch and pike, and filet with wine sauce are ancient native food. Make your European nation vacations additional pleasant by the lip slap delicacies. do not miss the planet noted sauces utilized in the savory dishes of the European nation. Another common delicacy is the common Swiss chocolates.

Swissness in Fast Food

As Different as Milk and Shake

As we leave the retro American diner near the river, I reminisce about all the other times I tried to find what I’m looking for. “I just don’t understand,” I tell my husband while finding our way back to the car. “This is the land of milk and chocolate. How could a milkshake go so wrong?”
Swiss Bread Chart

Is Switzerland the ultimate land of bread?!

When the Swiss move overseas or even just visit English speaking countries, there is one thing that almost every one of them will complain about: The bread...
Swissness in Fast Food

A Primer on Swiss Street Food

Walking down Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich or Luzern on a busy day of shopping can really work up an appetite. What do you get when you don’t want to sit down at a restaurant? Street food!
Swissness in Fast Food

A New Twist on A Swiss Classic: Forest Fondue

A new trend in Switzerland is helping people to consume cheese fondue year round: Forest fondue. The name says it all – instead of eating your fondue at the table, you have it in the woods...
Salon du Chocolat - Thomas Müller Chocolatier

The Latest Chocolate Innovations from Switzerland

How come Zürich never had a chocolate exhibit like the Salon du Chocolat before? This simple question hunted me the entire night at the opening event as I wandered among the melting chocolate flavors and finger-licking samples...
Swissness in Fast Food

Eye-Candy Fashion Made of Swiss Chocolate

Exclusively from the catwalk of the Salon du Chocolat show in Zürich, we have some incredible (edible) fashion for you! Made entirely of Swiss chocolate, the models wearing these pieces of chocolate art presented quite some eye-candy for VIP guests and the media…
Salon du Chocolat, Zurich

Salon du Chocolat Arrives in Zürich, Chocoland

It’s a match made in heaven! After years of spoiling Parisiens, New Yorkers, and Tokyoers (among others), the world renowned Salon du Chocolat show arrives in Zürich!
Ristorante Stapferstube da Rizzo Zurich

A fine Italian lunch at Ristorante Stapferstube da Rizzo in Zürich

With a glass of prosecco, I indulged myself with colorful sea fruits of shrimps, calamari, and moules swimming in cherry tomato sauce over handmade...
Swissness in Fast Food

Finding Swissness in the Fast Food Industry

As so many tourists and expats would agree, Swiss products are expensive. Even knowing that the high price guarantees quality, it takes time (and a Swiss standard salary) to take an item straight to the cashier without hesitating (or rationalizing about it)...