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CERN Creates Artificial Big Bang (and Discovers God Particle)

CERN Geneva - Big-Bang

You are witnessing a historical moment in beautiful technicolor, produced on November 8, 2010, at CERN in Switzerland. Images of CERN's "Big Bang" experiment have been released, and we are supposed to be that much closer to finding out how our universe was formed over 13 billion years ago!

CERN Geneva - CMS Experiment

We are talking serious stuff here, as the Large Hadron Collider for the first time has successfully created a smaller version of the Big Bang by crushing ions against each other!

On July 4th, 2012, CERN has announced a major breakthrough in the search for the so-called "god particle". Explained as finding a needle which looks like a piece of hay among a million hey stacks, the existence of the last elementary particle predicted by Peter Higgs has now been confirmed!

Even my high school physics professor is stoked about this discovery!

CERN - Large Hadron Collider

(via Gizmodo)

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