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Der Koch – The Cook (Movie Review)

Der Koch - The Cook - Martin SuterLove goes through the stomach: The latest Swiss movie production is Der Koch (The Cook), based on a popular novel by Martin Suter. It is the story of Maravan, a Tamil dishwasher and an undiscovered culinary genius, and Andrea, a stunningly beautiful waitress. Both protagonists are out of a job and in need of finding another way to survive.

After Maravan seduces Andrea by cooking her a dinner that fuses the aphrodisiac recipes of his ancestors with the necromancy of molecular gastronomy, Andrea hits upon a business idea: Romantic catering for couples. But even culinary magic cannot ward off the ensuing recession...



Hamza Jeetooa is a good-looking Maravan, but his lines have been poorly dubbed into German. Jessica Schwarz, on the other hand, does not seem comfortable in her role. Swiss actor Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart gives his very best as a local arms dealer, while the acting of Max Rüdlinger appears as if it were just another routine.

Der Koch - The Cook - Martin Suter


There are many very effective food porn movies such as "The Hundred-Foot Journey" or "Chocolat". Unfortunately, the Swiss production "The Cook" really falls short: The images, the music and the style are fairly conservative. And finally, a compelling soundtrack would have worked miracles.



Cinemani Vote

As successful as this story has been in the form of a bestelling novel by Swiss author Martin Suter, as disappointing it is as a movie. The acting is stiff and wooden, and the editing is tedious at best.

I caught myself looking at my watch quite a few times, which is a pitty: Der Koch had potential, and it could have been way better!

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Mohan Mani

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