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Der Goalie bin ig – I’m the Goal Keeper (Movie Review)

Der Goalie bin ig (2014)We are at the end of the eighties, and hedonist Ernst (whom everyone calls Goalie) returns to the small town of Schummertal after spending one year in prison. This is where he grew up; everyone knows him around here.

Der Goalie bin ig (2014)Goalie wants a new start, this time a life without drugs. He looks for a job and falls in love with Regula, a waitress. It does not matter to him that his best friend Ueli thinks he has become bourgeois. Strong willed, somewhat naïve and with a great deal of charm, he wants to get his life back on the right track. But just as his life is about to take a lucky turn, his past catches up with him.



After a few less known movies such as Brandnacht (1992) and Mary & Johnny (2011), Swiss actor Marcus Signer (right) returns to the scene with a blast: He does not play the role of Ernst, but rather embodies this role from the beginning to the end.

A good supporting cast with names such as Sonja Riesen, Michael Neuenschwander and Pascal Ulli (left) adds a lot of tension, charm and melodrama to the mix.



Sabine Boss, the director of Ernstfall in Havanna, has transformed the bestselling book by Pedro Lenz into a lovely melodramatic comedy. The new song "Goalie" by the Swiss band Züri West can only be heard during the ending credits.

Cinemani Vote

Although being a bit lenghty at times, this movie ballad of a lifelong loser delivers on all notes thanks to a highly talented cast, witty dialogues and a drama experienced director. Long live Goalie!

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