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Free Falling – Freifall Eine Liebesgeschichte (Movie Review)

In order to understand the latest Swiss documentary Free Falling, you have to listen to the author and protagonist Mirjam Von Arx: "Two days before Herbert and I become a couple, I was diagnosed with cancer. Three months later, Herbert is dead."

Freifall - Eine Liebesgeschichte"Our love story is wrecked. Herbert was a base jumper. His death in the midst of my chemotherapy completely throws me off balance."

"Why does he gamble his life away, while I fight for mine? Desperate for answers, I return to Lauterbrunnen, the scene of the accident where Andreas, his best friend and coach, introduces me to the world of base."



After quite a few so-so documentaries (such as "Building the Gherkin"), Mirjam Von Arx lets you get a glimpse of her soul. Not everybody is willing to undertake the journey. But once you do so, you will feel very close to her.

Freifall - Eine Liebesgeschichte


Thanks to the talented editing by Daniel Cherbuin, the documentary Freifall - Eine Liebesgeschichte has a vivid, young and rebellous style: No classical or boring film making here! Many "Point of View" scenes are shot from the hip.


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"In the Swiss Death Valley, I slowly find my way back to life," says the author and documentary filmmaker Mirjam von Arx. Her movie is very intimate, personal and touching. The events are shown from her perspective from start to finish. And it is exactly this subjectivity that will go deep under you skin... if you allow it to. Bon voyage!

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