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Does Switzerland have an image problem?

Switzerland Image Problem - Helvetia

Using claims such as "Made in Switzerland" and "Swiss Quality" has long been the dream of any marketer. But during recent years, revelations about private banking and tax practices in Switzerland, or the vote on banning minarets have slowly started to chip away at the brand image.

Switzerland Image Problem Documentary 2012

Two documentary makers believe that there is a disconnect in how the world sees Switzerland and how the Swiss think of their image in the world. Their new Michael Moore style documentary is surveying the country to get to the bottom of a question which is begging to be answered: Does Switzerland have an image problem?

Producer Baumann is quoted on swissinfo as saying: "On the one hand we have the mountains, the lakes, chocolate and Roger Federer and on the other hand it's a country of people hiding fortunes from the taxman, the headquarters of dubious multinationals and freeloaders from Europe. We wanted to look at these two clichés."

Apparently, this satirical documentary is ruffling some feathers and stirring up a national debate. The filmmakers' aim is quite noble, though: To do nothing less but help restore the declining image of Switzerland in the world!

In order to do that, they are scouring the villages and towns to find out from the Swiss exactly what this image restoring movie should feature... For a preview, watch the subtitled trailer below:

Switzerland Image Problem Documentary 2012

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