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Our Favorite Shops and Eats in Zürich’s Old Town

The other night, we got lost in Zürich's charming Old Town.

The locals refer to it as "Dörfli", and it roughly covers an area between Bellevue and Central along the north side of the Limmat River. Far from the shopping frenzy of Bahnhofstrasse, we found the cutest little gift shops, most delicious foods, and curious details. So if you have a couple of hours to spare in Zürich, trace our footsteps and explore Zürich's Old Town!


Start your tour at the Stadelhofen train station. The Art Poster Gallery at the West exit of Bahnhof Stadelhofen has a neat collection of artsy posters and postcards.

Art Poster Gallery Zurich

Then, walk along Stadelhoferstrasse towards Rämistrasse. If you are already hungry at this point, swing by Vapiano to your left. This Italian fast-casual chain has everyone covered with their pasta, pizza, and espresso bar...

Vapiano Zurich

Once you feel the street change from pavement to cobble stone, you have entered the Old Town. Ancient coins discovered in this area actually date back to the first century, so the name is well deserved.

If you are into unique books and cool games (some of them with a retro touch), step into Pinocchio to your left.

Pinocchio Books & Games Zurich

For those who have skipped Vapiano, you must be hungry enough to try some baked goods from my favorite bakery... It occurred to me that this bakery might actually be one of the oldest take-out booths ever!

Zurich Old Town Bakery
Zurich Old Town Bakery

Just about now, you should be passing by Trittli-Gasse to your right. This is a nice picture spot because of the many "Trittli", or steps, leading up a side alley.

Zurich - Trittli Gasse

Continue walking along the main alley and you will no doubt run into Grossmünster, a Romanesque church dating back to around 1220.

Zurich Grossmünster

Go around it from either side to find its entrance, and do not miss the magnificent view from the top of one of its towers! Just be aware that this detour will take at least 20 minutes...

Zurich Zwingliplatz

Step back in the (more recent) past and visit Schwarzenbach. According to a sign on their store, they have been around since 1864.

Schwarzenbach Kolonialwaren Zurich

I still remember my dad taking me there to pick up dried fruits when I was little, and the place has barely changed since.

Schwarzenbach Kolonialwaren Zurich

I know, we have been talking about "diving into the past" a lot... But c'mon, this is the Old Town after all! So, past the Starbucks, you will have a chance to travel back to retro times at Time Tunnel!

Time Tunnel Zurich

The entrance is to your right, and you literally have to enter through a "tunnel" to find this hidden treasure.

Time Tunnel Zurich

By now you have worked up a hunger, right? Perfect. Just in time, try a French style crêpe at Hirschenplatz. Preparation takes only a few minutes, and they are so worth it!

Creperia Hirschenplatz Zürich
Creperia Hirschenplatz Zürich

Next, take Brunn-Gasse to veer away from the main street, then take a right into Froschau-Gasse.

Once there, you will not only find a couple of cozy restaurants and a huge comic book store, but also a treasure called Mauerblümchen.

Maison Mauerblümchen Froschaugasse Zurich

This little designer consignment shop is perfect for gifts of all kinds, so bring your wallets...

Maison Mauerblümchen Froschaugasse Zurich

Once you are done with shopping, proceed along Froschau-Gasse and take a left at its dead end to arrive at Neumarkt. You will find some good restaurants serving Swiss food, among others, as well as the Theater am Neumarkt.

Neumarkt Zurich
Neumarkt Zurich

Design fans should check out Neumarkt 17, a kind of design heaven.

Neumarkt 17 Interior Design Zurich

From here, you could take Spiegelgasse back to Niederdorfstrasse. This narrow alley leads up the hill and back to Schwarzenbach. But if your brain is ready for a workout, buy one of the many puzzles or games at AHA Zürich.

Alternatively, you could explore the rest of the Old Town by following in the footsteps of, say, a cute cat...

Alley Cat in Zurich

This is what we did, and we were surprised to always find back to a familiar square. So, truly getting lost in Zürich's Old Town will be difficult, but you can always pretend, right?


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