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How to Escape the Cold at Milandia Spa in Greifensee

Migros Fitnesspark Milandia
On a recent night, soaking up some heat after yet another foggy January day was my main objective. I decided to try out the spa at Milandia, one of several Migros Fitnesspark's in Switzerland. Located just a short bus ride from the nearby train station in Schwerzenbach, getting there was a breeze.

Initial Impression

Upon entering the sports complex, I was greeted by vibrant colors which lead me past the indoor climbing park and cafeteria to the entrance of the spa. By now, my mood had improved 300 percent and I was ready to explore.

Outdoor Pool

On the main level, a heated outdoor pool with jacuzzi beds and massaging fountains was all mine on this weeknight. The pool was just large enough for some floating around, and several different jets provided soothing back and foot massages.

Around 6 PM, I awoke from my jacuzzi nap to find the pool suddenly crowded with avid water aerobics participants. "It's good to know that this is offered as well", I thought, and sank right back to sleep - no pun intended!
Migros Fitnesspark Milandia

Sauna Heaven

The downstairs revealed a spacious spa including two saunas, a steam room, several tanning beds and relaxation rooms. The area is further separated into a "general" and a "women's only" section, containing a separate sauna and steam room.

The center of the spa contains a square outdoor garden which can be accessed for some cooling off in between treatments. No doubt, it felt exhilarating to step out of the hot stone sauna and into the cold winter air. Finally, crossing a water path laid out according to the Kneipp philosophy quickly got my circulation going. What a refreshing experience!
Migros Fitnesspark Milandia


The all-inclusive admission fee of CHF 37 covers the use of spa and gym facilities for a day. My mind was set to spa mode, however, so I skipped the workout machines for a light snack at the cafeteria. After all, relaxing is quite a workout, too!

My Advice: Bring two towels (one for the spa/one for the shower) and plan at least 3 hours to enjoy the gym and spa. Since there is only one type of admission, you might as well maximize your time...

(One free admission was provided to the author in exchange for this review; pictures courtesy of Peter Clausen and Migros)

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