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Lovely Louise – The Brother from the USA (Review)

Lovely Louise - The Brother from the USA


André is 55 and still lives with his 80-year-old mother Louise, an actress. He leads an unspectacular life as a taxi driver. However, André cannot seem to muster the courage to speak to the woman working at the wurst stand at the model aircraft flying field.

Lovely Louise - The Brother from the USABut then, a stranger appears at their door one day: Bill, a charismatic man from the United States. Bill is about to turn their placid lives upside down...


From the beginning to the end, "Lovely Louise" belongs to Swiss actor Stefan Kurt ("Stationspiraten"). Annemarie Düringer is very good as his mother. And Stanley Townsend plays an all-American good-guy with ironic teddy bear charme.


The work of cinematographer Stéphane Kuthy is well suited for this warm comedy with strong melodramatic intermezzos. Adrian Weyermann's score constantly underlines the action in a perfect manner.

Cinemani Vote

Swiss director Bettina Oberli has previously landed a comedy smash hit with "Die Herbstzeitlosen". Now she is back with a melodramatic comedy full of warmth and true feelings: "Lovely Louise".

Available on DVD.

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