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Everything you need to know about Rivella milk

Rivella milk Advertising Campaign
It is said that you will either love Rivella or hate it. Either way, this soda pop has a long history in Switzerland and is one of the most frequently missed beverages among the Swiss abroad.

Secondly, it is no secret among aficionados that Rivella contains small amounts of lactose, a carbohydrate derived from cow milk. While some Rivella lovers drink the beverage for its distinct taste, a growing number of health conscious consumers is now advocating Rivella's health benefits.

After Rivella red (original), Rivella blau (reduced calories) and Rivella green (with green tea), the latest product in the line-up is Rivella milk. Now not only containing lactose but 100% pure milk from Swiss bred cows, the new Rivella milk is already establishing itself as this summer's thirst quenching beverage:

Rivella milk Advertising Campaign
Rivella milk Advertising Campaign
Rivella milk Advertising Campaign

Rivella milk TestNewly Swissed has received an exclusive preview courtesy of Rivella, and we can officially endorse this delicious beverage!

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