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Some locals may take it for granted. But I feel privileged to be able to live in Switzerland, a natural wonderland filled with the freshest air and the purest water.

Most of the rivers and lakes are so crystal clear, I can count the Egli fish by their black stripes as they swim underneath the white swans. Whenever my eyes scan the water, Dimitri knows that I am not only mesmerized by the nature, but also motivated by hunger. For him, I must look as if I am about to dive into the lake to snatch the shiny little creatures for a snack. The truth is: I am not fond of "sweet water food", which is slightly covered with a muddy flavor.

No matter how much I dip those Egli-Fischknusperli into the rich tartar sauce, my Japanese seafood trained taste buds reject the Geosmin. Seven and a half years is not long enough to cheat my platonic love with seafood across the Swiss Alps and rivers.

I thought I was simply being too picky - until I met Massimiliano "Max" Gianotti, Chief Fish Officer at the

After moving from Italy to Schaffhausen, his passion for fresh seafood literally drove him to Zürich every Saturday morning. Max wanted to get his hands on the precious catch of the week. After traveling along his pilgrimage route via the A1/A4 freeway, he finally got an epiphany: "I have been wasting so much time driving back and forth, and I don't want to spend another Saturday in my car. There must be a better way of sourcing fresh fish while avoiding all that idle time in the car."

Et voila! In just seven months, Max launched his online shop delivering wild caught, fresh seafood from the Milan Wholesale Fish Market to Swiss kitchens. He partners with the Zermini family, fishmongers in their forth generation. They select the fish and guarantee top quality, meanwhile adhering to strict hygiene standards.

The hook is that your online order reaches the fishermen overnight.

The next morning, they will sail to sea, bringing the catch back to the fishmongers. At the Milan fish market, they will immediately treat and seal the treasure, then ship it overnight for delivery to your kitchen the following morning.

Sure enough, I received a confirmation email from within 24 hours: "Your order has been shipped. Later today, you will receive a text message from Swisspost, informing you that the delivery will be tomorrow between 7 and 9 AM. Our partners in Milano informed me that due to bad weather, the Pandoras have not been caught. Instead, beautiful Dentex have arrived, so you will receive them in your order."

Welcome Dentex! How gorgeous you are! Your eyes are as clear as glass balls, neither red nor murky. (The eyes are the first check that my grandmother from a fishing village on the Pacific ocean always repeated to me.) Online Shop Online Shop Online Shop

Another major catch for me and my hungry guests was this 1.5 kg piece of Hiramasa Kingfish filet: Online Shop

Surprised by its fragrance free freshness and amazing quality, I could not stop slicing it for sashimi with the only meat knife I had. The lucky guests indulged in the fatty raw treats until the chunk was gone in 30 minutes: Online Shop

Thank you, Max, for sharing your passion and drive for the unforgettable fish experience which I am completely hooked on. For the next round, I want to reel in Red Scorpion Fish, Brown Venus, and European Squid! But before that, can you do my homework for me? I have to get a good fish knife... Online Shop

(This endorsement was written by Mamiko in exchange for a voucher to try

Dimitri Burkhard

As the founder, editor, and community manager of Newly Swissed, Dimitri owns the strategic vision. He is passionate about storytelling and is a member of Swiss Travel Communicators.

Dimitri loves discovering new trends and covers architecture, design, start-ups and tourism.

Dimitri Burkhard

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