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Scary Flash Mob Scene in Zurich

Recapturing the events of May 25, 2010, this video really freaked me out!

These horrifying scenes from downtown Zurich remind of the ABC sci-fi drama “FlashForward”, in which people all over the world simultaneously black out to see a glimpse of their future. Greenpeace used this show's very concept as hundreds of activists instantly collapsed to the ground on cue!

Shoppers and office workers all over Zurich were astonished and terrified at the same time. They later found out that this was all part of a flash mob to protest a series of proposed nuclear power plants. The campaigners say their action simulated a nuclear radioactivity disaster which could happen in Switzerland if the plants are ever built...

Check out the video to see for yourself! Have you ever been part of a flash mob, or are you considering to participate in one?

(Pictures courtesy Greenpeace Switzerland)

Dimitri Burkhard

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Dimitri Burkhard

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