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Swiss Daredevils at the Inferno Soap Box Derby 2013

Inferno Soap Box Derby 2013Soap box derbies were certainly not invented in Switzerland. But this tradition from the last century has never really lost its popularity around here... I predict that as long as there are hills in Switzerland, soap box derbies are here to stay!

Many vertically gifted towns all across Switzerland stage soap box derbies throughout the summer months. A few weeks ago, the annual Inferno Soap Box Derby took over Margarethenpark in Basel. These impressions from Livio Marc Stöckli make it clear that speed was only one aspect of the competition. Creativity and uniqueness were just as important in pulling off this daredevil stunt!

Inferno Soap Box Derby 2013
Inferno Soap Box Derby 2013
Inferno Soap Box Derby 2013
Inferno Soap Box Derby 2013Growing up, my dad would tell me daredevil stories about his boyhood racing career. But frankly, I never quite had the guts to race down a slope in a wooden box...

(via Tageswoche, photographs courtesy of Livio Marc Stöckli)

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