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Discovering Little Switzerland in North America

SFO Restaurant MatterhornOn their quest to travel around the world, our friends Oli and Rafael have now crossed from Asia to North America! And thanks to their trained eyes, they have found some rather interesting traces of Switzerland along the way...

While Oli and Rafael arrived on the West coast, traveling from Washington State to Vancouver and Alaska, Swiss immigrants in the 1880's arrived out East. The journey for new settlers was long and treacherous, as their final destination was somewhere West where free farmland was still up for grabs!

This was the time when new and already existing Swiss communities like New Glarus in Wisconsin gained critical mass.

Now, sit back and join Oli and Rafael on their quest to find Little Switzerland in North America!

Watson Lake Sign Post Forest (Yukon, Canada)

Watson Lake Sign Post Forest, Yukon

Watson Lake Sign Post Forest, Yukon

Swiss National Holiday (Yukon, Canada)

Swiss National Holiday in Yukon, Canada

Reading Zürcher Oberländer on Pine Lake (Yukon, Canada)

Pine Lake in Yukon, Canada

Grouse Mountain in Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Grouse Mountain in Vancouver

Salmon Glacier (British Columbia, Canada)

Salmon Glacier in BC, Canada

Alaska Railroad in Fairbanks (Alaska, USA)

Alaska Railroad in Fairbanks, Alaska

New Glarus (Wisconsin, USA)

New Glarus, Wisconsin

New Glarus, Wisconsin

Sugarcreek (Ohio, USA)

Sugarcreek, Ohio

Sugarcreek, Ohio

Supporting Roger Federer at the US Open (New York, USA)

Federer at US Open New York


Grown up near Zurich as a half-Japanese, half-Swiss, Olivia loves to explore the world! So in 2011, she traveled the globe with her boyfriend. But after any journey, Olivia always loves to come back to Switzerland which is her home and homebase - no matter what.

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