The Monster Book of Switzerland - Swiss Monsters

Ready to face the scariest Swiss "monsters"? Here are nine!

Switzerland is a country with a rich heritage of legends and myths. Most intriguing are tales of scary creatures that inhabit the Swiss mountains...
Four books about Switzerland to read

Four books about Switzerland you need to read right now

As a writer, I like to read books about Switzerland since I write about the country. Below are several books to consider reading...
How to be Swiss by Diccon Bewes

Peek inside the new book "How to be Swiss"

As the transition to a Trump presidency becomes real, many US passport holders are wondering: How do I become Swiss?
Novels Set in Switzerland

6 fiction novels set in Switzerland

It is possible to explore the endless variety of the Helvetic Confederation without poles, skis or snowshoes. Here are fiction novels set in Switzerland...
Today's Office Looks Like This

Today’s Office Looks Like This - Interview with a Digital Nomad

Meet Katrin Gygax, author of the book "Today’s Office Looks Like This"! A digital nomad at heart, Katrin has...
Swiss Life: 30 Things I Wish I'd Known - Chantal Panozzo

Swiss Life: 30 Things I Wish I’d Known (Book Review)

After arriving in Switzerland, Chantal Panozzo quickly discovered that a building's laundry room can be a crucible of learning about Swiss...

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Today's Office Looks Like This Book

Today's Office Looks Like This (Book)

Today's digital workers have a multitude of options to staying connected on the road. The book "Today's Office Looks Like This" is a compilation of...
Wander ABC (AS Verlag)

Wander ABC Schweiz (Book)

Hiking is a guaranteed mood booster. And Switzerland with its thousands of trails is the perfect place to try it out...
100 Years of Swiss Design - Lars Müller Publishers

100 Years of Swiss Design (Book)

Swiss design enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. The new hardcover book "100 Years of Swiss Design" is what makes every design lover's heart race...