Lausanne Architecture

So we've explored the quirks and history of Lausanne

Lausanne feels special, even a bit whimsical, like something from a better time. Our tour guide points out some truly quirky sides to this hilly city.
Swiss National Museum Zurich

What the Swiss National Museum in Zurich is all about

If you travel Switzerland without visiting the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, your trip is incomplete. There, we said it. Why? Because with a rich history...
Kartause Ittingen Charterhouse

Kartause Ittingen is a touristic gem just outside of Zürich

Evangeline de Macedo discovers a gem not far from Zurich Airport. The Kartause Ittingen is a Charterhouse with museums, restaurant and hotel...
Turicum Gravestone at Lindenhof in Zurich

A brief guide to discovering Zürich’s Roman history

For those visitors and residents who are into archaeology and history, Zürich has a lot to offer. "Turicum" used to be a Roman station as early as 200 AD...
Swiss Restaurant Mark - Sternen

Why are so many Swiss restaurants called "Sternen"?

Sure, restaurant signs are a common thing around the world. But the historical background of such signs is slightly different here in Switzerland...
Rofflaschlucht Canyon, Switzerland

The story of a man who carved his way through stone (Rofflaschlucht)

You would not think it today, but until quite recently, Switzerland was a rather poor country. When we hiked to Rofflaschlucht, we traced the incredible...
Festung Fürigen - Swiss Fort

So we peeked inside a secret military bunker in Switzerland

When I first heard about the secret fortresses hidden all over Switzerland. I was in serious doubt whether they could be legit – or legal...
Hotel Trois Couronnes Vevey - Balcony

5 Ways to Relive the Beginnings of Swiss Tourism

Nowadays, the term "Swiss tourism" has become synonymous with breathtaking sceneries and an incredible lifestyle which is here to be embraced...
Swiss Guards Vatican

13 facts about the Swiss guards you probably did not know

The Swiss guards have a long history in the Vatican. Tourists and pilgrims who flock to Rome see them and wonder: Who are the world's most colorful guards?