Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne

A weekend in style at Hôtel Royal Savoy in Lausanne

For a weekend in style, we picked the Hôtel Royal Savoy in Lausanne. A nice choice, because royals such as the King of Thailand have been regulars...
Musée d'Elysée in Lausanne

Musée d'Elysée is a Photography Museum in Lausanne

The Musée d’Elysée in Lausanne is a rarity among art museums in Switzerland and beyond: It is entirely devoted to photography, presenting...
Police Dog Whisk - Lausanne Police Department

This police dog in Lausanne travels in a cargo bike

Whisk is one lucky K9. His drug sniffing skills are valued to the point where the Lausanne police department has constructed a canine cargo bike...
Freitag ad absurdum - Peter Hauser

The Absurd Recycling Project by the Freitag Brothers

The Freitag and Riklin brothers approached people on the streets to collect used Freitag bags for their new exhibition in Lausanne: Freitag ad absurdum...
Food Truck Fête Lausanne

Bill's Guide to the Food Truck Fête in Lausanne

On Thursday, Lausanne hosted savory-smelling food trucks. You did not need a passport to sample Argentine empanadas, Japanese gyoza...
Lausanne Switzerland

Up and down in Lausanne - My impressions of this vertical city

I guess walking up and down and up and down is to be expected in Switzerland, but Lausanne is not even in the Alps! And yet, it seems you are...