Food Truck Fête Lausanne

Bill's Guide to the Food Truck Fête in Lausanne

On Thursday, Lausanne hosted savory-smelling food trucks. You did not need a passport to sample Argentine empanadas, Japanese gyoza...
Lausanne Switzerland

Up and down in Lausanne - My impressions of this vertical city

I guess walking up and down and up and down is to be expected in Switzerland, but Lausanne is not even in the Alps! And yet, it seems you are...
Gneborg Studio - Cottenceau - Bernhardo

Imaginative Photography by Gneborg Studio

The photographers behind Gneborg Studio know a little something about playing with our imagination. In a collaboration since 2004...

Urban Renewal - One LEGO Brick at a Time

Buildings in Switzerland are constructed to last for centuries. I don’t think this is too bold of a statement. But even the most sturdy building sometimes needs some tender love and care, which is exactly what dispatchwork is providing...