Clack! by Matthias Bünzli

This photographer makes modern Switzerland look retro

Project Clack! by Zürich photographer Matthias Bünzli is an artistic throwback to the beginnings of travel photography. During the post-war boom years...
Hotel Eden Roc Ascona

It's all "ship ahoy!" at the Hotel Eden Roc in Ascona

Azure, Turquoise and Ultramarine: these are just some of the shades of blue one can experience along Lake Maggiore in Ticino. At the Hotel Eden Roc...
FlyTicino Tandem Paragliding

We tried paragliding with FlyTicino (and we'll do it again!)

Six months ago, I would have never dreamed of lifting off a mountainside like bird. But today, I will be doing just that! You see, I have this habit of...


Marroni Roasted - Chestnuts in Zürich Albisriederplatz

Autumn Festivals in Ticino (2018 Schedule)

The golden season is best spent in Switzerland's south where an impressive line-up of autumn festivals in Ticino awaits...
Lugano Citta del Gusto 2018

Lugano Gourmet Festival - Città del Gusto

This September, Lugano is going to turn into a foodie mecca. Città del Gusto is Italian for "City of Taste", and taste it will! Imagine ten days packed with...
Sagra del Borgo in Mendrisio

Check out the Grape Festival in Mendrisio (Sagra del Borgo)

Mendrisio is known for its charming alleyways and courtyards. What better time to get acquainted with this town than during Sagra del Borgo?
Festa d'Autunno Lugano

Why you should see the autumn festival in Lugano (Festa d’autunno)

Surely, Lugano is strikingly beautiful during any season. But during autumn, temperatures are just perfect for outdoor gatherings such as the festa d'autunno...
Ascona Chestnut FestivalMaggiorepiX

Nuts about chestnuts? Visit the Ascona chestnut festival!

Clearly, the main act of this daylong festival is the sweet chestnut. The locals call it marroni, and the men roasting them over the open fire are marronauts...