Sechseläuten 2011

What the Sechseläuten Tradition in Zürich is all about

Switzerland certainly boasts some bizarre traditions, but one of the most cruel ones has to be the Böögg Bonfire during Sechseläuten (for the Böögg, that is). Every year, the various guilds from the city of Zürich...
Discovering Zurich West - Im Viadukt

Discovering Zürich West (One Designer Shop at a Time)

This past weekend, we finally decided to leave the familiar parts of Zürich and instead set foot in Zürich West. This previously industrial part...
The Colors of Zürich

Framing the Colors of Zürich - A Photo Walk

Whenever I hit the streets of Zürich, I cannot help carrying a camera around my neck. Today, join me in framing the colors of Zürich...
View from Zürich Uetliberg

4 Best Views From The Roofs of Zürich

By getting myself lost among the snaky streets of Zürich, I have gradually discovered some fantastic places where one can enjoy great panoramic views...
Chinese Garden in ZürichCloudia Chen

Did you know that there's a Chinese Garden in Zürich?

You would not expect an expansive Chinese garden in a small…