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Top 5 Most Popular Posts in 2012

Newly Swissed is looking back at another year of strong growth. Thanks to our loyal readers for the past three years, we have sailed right past the 1 million page view marker! Our brand presence has gained momentum as expats in Switzerland and the Swiss Abroad continue to spread the word about Newly Swissed...

Thank you for your continued support! Now, let's take a look at the top 5 most read posts in 2012:

A Primer on Shared Laundry Rooms in Switzerland
With such high quality of life standard in Switzerland, I believe most people are shocked to find out that in a large majority of apartment buildings, you have to share a laundry room with your neighbors...
12 Swiss Foods You Cannot Miss
Few countries have grocery shops that can compete with Switzerland’s two top grocers: Coop and Migros. Their selection and display make it hard for some newcomers to adjust, especially because some of the Swiss products may be confusing...
11 Things Americans Can Learn From The Swiss
Most Americans relate Switzerland to clever knives, Heidi, and secret bank vaults, but there’s a lot more the Swiss can teach us about how they achieve such a high quality of life...
Incredible Pictures of Geneva’s Frozen Lake Shores
Europeans are currently freezing their fannies off. But these arctic conditions are also creating some rather fascinating sculptures of ice, as Geneva’s lake shores have been frozen over! See for yourself...
Funniest Examples of Signage in Switzerland
The Swiss government has recently decided to retire several street signs. But apparently, they have retired the wrong signs as there are still many strange ones ot there…

What were your favorite posts from last year?

Dimitri Burkhard

As the founder, editor, and community manager of Newly Swissed, Dimitri owns the strategic vision. He is passionate about storytelling and is a member of Swiss Travel Communicators. Dimitri loves discovering new trends and covers architecture, design, start-ups and tourism.

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Dimitri Burkhard

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