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What are you really great at?

The last edition of Zurich's CreativeMornings featured entrepreneur Dominic Zünd. As is customary at each CreativeMornings event, there was an icebreaker question on a tag. Your answer to the question, along with your Twitter handle, is then pinned on your shirt as a type of name tag.

This time the question was: “What are you really great at?”, and I had to think. I am a German and English teacher by trade and I would like to think that I am good at it, but is that what I should answer? I love to run, but I am not the fastest, so am I really good at that? I am part of academic writers online, but is this my true calling? When you think about it hard enough, you will surely realize that finding an answer to this question is harder than you would think...

What do you hate doing?

Once we sat down, Dominic took the stage and did not pose that question, but rather asked us what it was that we hated doing. What do most young professionals and students just getting out of university or finishing their education hate doing? The answer - and you will surely agree - is: Writing your resumé. Welcome!

Information Technology "Boy Band" is the brainchild of four University of St. Gallen students. Like a boy band, they were teamed together and tasked to use Design Thinking in order to come up with an idea to a common (current) problem. After training in design thinking at Stanford University in California and throwing around many ideas, the boys came up with

The core belief is that classical resumés and online profiles on sites like LinkedIn and Xing are forms of self-promotion and do not always convey people’s real talents.

Core Competency aims to bring honesty back to our profiles and thereby help get more of us discovered and rediscovered for what we can really do. Users are awarded beautifully designed badges by coworkers, customers, friends and school colleagues - representing their authentic talents. The idea is similar to the new endorsement feature on LinkedIn, but because you do not state what you are good at beforehand, the badges on should be more honest. Badges

This application will have very beneficial uses in large firms, where it will give HR managers a better overview of all the talent in their firm. The goal will be to allow for more internal movements and the discovery of hidden talents already within the company.

Economically speaking, it could help large companies cut recruiting expenses, while employees will be able to work on a wider variety of projects - ultimately finding more purpose in their work. For those looking to start a professional life, will keep them from being reduced to an academic degree. Finally,’s algorithms are the real value of the program, as it will determine the relevance of search results and rank badges.

Public Launch Public LaunchOn Friday, Dec 14, 2012, launched to the public. Please note that is no longer available as of 2020.

The badges are ordered into personality, competency and professional, which should not only ensure that a new team member can do what needs to be done, but will fit into a team without the need for stating "works well in teams"...

The talk by Dominic Zünd was interesting, as was the Q&A afterwards. Being in a room full of programmers and designers, many interesting points were raised.


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