8 Hilarious Swiss Town Names

We're back from our mission to collect the funniest, most hilarious town names of Switzerland!

Clarification: The tour was virtual, involving a keyboard and mouse, and the humor is purely anglo-sachsian. In other words, farmers waking up in Bitsch or postal workers delivering packages in Dicken would never get the joke. However, I have the feeling that you are already snickering away...


Hilarious Swiss Town Names - Dicken


Hilarious Swiss Town Names - Egg



Hellsau - Copyright by Dietrich Michael Weidmann(Picture copyright by Dietrich Michael Weidmann)



Hilarious Swiss Town Names - Bitsch

Hilarious Swiss Town Names - Bitsch



Les Arses

Hilarious Swiss Town Names - Les Arses(Picture copyright by malcog)










There are tons of other hilarious names in Swiss dialect as well, but due to the extensive explanations which would be needed, that's a topic for another post...

  • Tittin

    It was even funnier when there was still the sign “Bad Egg” at the Greifensee…my favorite is “Tinizong” though ;-)

  • http://www.reikalein.com Reikalein

    Oh Dimitri, you forgot Wankdorf for the Brits among us! ;-)

    • http://www.newlyswissed.com dimitri

      Thanks for the hint! Too good to miss…

  • PrisCilla Wauch

    Am I the only one who loves Bubikon?

  • Azure C.

    Don’t forget the Mt. Crap (it is a mountain!):
    News piece: http://www.travelmole.com/news_feature.php?news_id=1150978
    The bar: http://admin.travelmole.com/images/stories/2009/images/IMG_2166.JPG

    And the map: http://map.geo.admin.ch/?Y=770926&X=165993&zoom=7&bgLayer=ch.swisstopo.pixelkarte-farbe&lang=en

    :) This list tickles a lot of my juvenile bones, can’t help it.

  • http://vitaldocumentary.wordpress.com Julia

    Unfortunately Dicken doesn’t have a post-office anymore (since a few years already, as a matter of fact)! How do I know? I live in Dicken…. and I love telling people in the Anglophone world where I live. And, I must admit, it’s fun telling Swiss people about Dicken as well: most of them don’t know that such a place exists in their country (despite this village having been one of the main actors in generating wealth not only for the region but for Switzerland and Europe at large)!

    • dimitri

      Thanks so much for the update! It looks like the reporters of Newly Swissed will need to plan an investigative trip to Dicken sometime soon…

      • Julia

        That sounds like an excellent idea! You’re welcome to stay over at our little house :) … and you’ll, of course, need to sample Dickler cheese and see the sights! If, in the meantime, you’re looking for a virtual tour, you can always check out dicken.ch where you’ll find a live webcam…

  • scotia81

    You need to include Ardon, in valais!

  • Swiss miss

    There’s also Bubikon and Titlis

    • newlyswissed

      Ha! Coincidentally, I grew up near Bubikon… The semantics never occurred to me as weird though until an American friend pointed it out! Once heard, I can never “un-hear” it ;-) ^Dimitri

  • http://www.davidfeng.com David Feng

    Crapteig. (A13 tunnel)

    Crap Sogn Gion.

    I’ll never be in a crap mood no more around THESE. ;-)

    • newlyswissed

      E.P.I.C. (thanks for adding one to the list!)