10 More Hilarious Swiss Town Names

You do not have to put yourself in Bill Murray's position sitting on a hotel bed in Tokyo to be lost in translation.

Sometimes, you just need to look around. Switzerland with its four national languages has many place names that will surely make you grin if not burst out laughing. Some locals might not understand what you find so funny about the place name, like the stern inhabitants of Misery in Canton Fribourg, but others are great at playing it up, like the ski resort in Laax with their famous Crap Burgers named after the mountain Crap Sogn Gion.

Crap is Romansch for rock. As a follow-up to 10 Hilarious Swiss Town Names, we have collected even more funny place names from across the Helvetic Confederation.

Bad Egg (ZH)

Bad Egg, Switzerland

Crap Sogn Gion (GR)

Crap Sogn Gion, Switzerland
Crap Sogn Gion, Switzerland


Frick (AG)

Frick, Switzerland


Gland (VD)

Gland, Switzerland

Misery (FR)

Misery, Switzerland

The real name of this town is Misery-Courtion, but Misery sound so much more - well - miserable!


Poussy (GE)

Poussy, Switzerland

OK, this is not exactly a town, but a neighborhood of Vernier-Place, Geneva.

Rain (LU)

Rain, Switzerland

They sure have a beautiful roundabout in Rain!


Rapperswil (SG)

Rapperswil, Switzerland

Can you spot any rappers?


Root (LU)

Root Switzerland

What is it about Switzerland and roundabouts?


Tinizong (GR)

Tinizong, Switzerland

Sounds Chinese to me!

(Photo credit Bad Egg by Christina Hitt, Crap Sogn Gion by HolidayCheck and mountainbiker.ch, Gland by GeorgeLouis/Wikimedia Commons, Rain by kreiselkunst.ch, Root by Jeroen Massar, Tinizong by ADV Rider)

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  • Antonio Tejada

    “Bad Egg” isn’t a town, either. The town is Egg, and that’s the town’s swimming area (Bad) at the Greifensee.

    • Veronique Bolens

      I totally agree and the whole region is great (sooo peinlich would my kids say in swiss german)

  • Jaye

    This is a really really shit article, simply for missing out Wankdorf….

  • Tinizong = came out as 提你总 = in Chinese “I’m promoting you to CEO” (OK, it should have a few extra characters, but still). 😛

    • newlyswissed

      Hi David! That’s pretty hilarious, and I take it as a sign to visit this town someday… ^Dimitri

  • zilti

    Fun fact: “crap” is one of a handful of pre-indogermamic words in Rumansch that survived the influence of the Roman culture.

  • Ingrid Salt

    The photo of Gland certainly isn’t.