Salon du Chocolat - Thomas Müller Chocolatier

The Latest Chocolate Innovations from Switzerland

How come Zürich never had a chocolate exhibit like the Salon du Chocolat before? This simple question hunted me the entire night at the opening event as I wandered among the melting chocolate flavors and finger-licking samples...
Vintage Swissair Posters

Eye-Candy Fashion Made of Swiss Chocolate

Exclusively from the catwalk of the Salon du Chocolat show in Zürich, we have some incredible (edible) fashion for you! Made entirely of Swiss chocolate, the models wearing these pieces of chocolate art presented quite some eye-candy for VIP guests and the media…
Locarno in springtime

How about these blooming spring impressions from Ticino?

Clear blue skies are above, willow trees are swinging in the breeze, and dozens of stork couples have started building nests. Spring is definitely here in Switzerland...
Switzerland's Tax System

A Primer on Switzerland’s Tax System

Switzerland is a Confederation divided into cantons (states) and communes, all of which work alongside banks, lawyers, companies and consultants to develop and maintain financial and administrative procedures. Switzerland places taxes on residents, companies, goods, real estate and savings...
Greifensee Easter Market

Spring Treasure Hunt at the Easter Market in Greifensee

You will know why the Old Town of Greifensee is called "Städtli" when you walk on cobblestones along its town hall, small flower garden, the goldsmith...
Salon du Chocolat, Zurich

Salon du Chocolat Arrives in Zürich, Chocoland

It’s a match made in heaven! After years of spoiling Parisiens, New Yorkers, and Tokyoers (among others), the world renowned Salon du Chocolat show arrives in Zürich!
Vintage Swissair Posters

More vintage Swissair posters for aviation fans

Given the hassles of flying, it's hard to believe that it was once a great privilege. Up until 2002, Swissair was the former airline of Switzerland...
Vintage Swissair Posters

12 Cheerful Maps and Illustrations of Switzerland

Switzerland is inarguably cutesy on many levels. Sometimes, this is less obvious though when the skies are foggy and the pavements grayer than gray. During those times, it helps to look at some cheerful maps and illustrations of Switzerland to remember the cutesy side of this herzige country...
Vintage Swissair Posters

Bright as Nyon Light - Unmissable Things to Do

If you’re an expat in Switzerland and you love documentaries, Tintin, music and ice-cream, you should plan a visit to the pretty lakeside town of Nyon – located in Canton Vaud and only 25 km north-east of Geneva. Known throughout the Suisse romande as the “City of Festivals”...