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5 Clever Swiss Ad Campaigns

Fresh off the billboards of Switzerland, here is the latest series of advertisements that are noteworthy!


The "Tecmania" campaign is part of an effort by the Swiss Engineering Association to spark interest in engineering careers. It is mainly geared towards Swiss teenagers who are supposed to choose a career path right out of high school. Pretty inspiring, in my opinion! Additionally, you will find some well-intended humor as part of the EF ad for language courses, plus a bubble-wrap display with fresh mountain air for those city slickers.

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Braunwald Tourism


Hello, city slickers! Why don't you have a taste of some crisp mountain air?

Swiss Government Anti-Obesity Campaign


This campaign uses the slogan “Every Fifth Child is Overweight” on stickers, which are placed on oversized items that instantly grab your attention.


Swiss Sky Elevator


The biggest Swiss sky-diving school has retrofitted a few elevator floors in high-rise buildings to create the feeling of free fall. Needless to say, this cost-effective marketing campaign has created lots of buzz and press coverage...

Dimitri Burkhard

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Dimitri Burkhard

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