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Surprise your Friends with Personalized Movie Trailer

Spoiler alert! If there is only one thing you will do today, check out this mind-blowing guerilla campaign which I have just discovered: Swiss telecom provider Swisscom has launched a website to promote their TV offerings, and it has already gone viral: "Lost In Val Sinestra". Simply select some of your closest Facebook friends and […]

8 Ingenious Delivery Services in Zurich

One of the benefits of Zurich is the small downtown. For one, it is convenient to be able to walk from one end to another in less than 30 minutes. It also feels cozier than many larger cities because there is no way to avoid familiar spots or places of personal significance when strolling around […]

Swiss Drivers Steal Fallen Melons

It is beyond my comprehension why Swiss drivers on a busy interstate would risk their lives to collect a bunch of melons. But according to this article, the doors of a delivery truck from Spain popped open and melons started to tumble onto a Swiss interstate near Basel. Not only did this cause a sizeable […]

Does Zurich Need a Fake Dock Crane?

In reality, the Swiss Alps separate Zurich from the Mediterranian Sea in drastic ways. But you would be surprised to find out that a group of artists has successfully lobbied the city government regarding an installation which would take Zurich back to the industrial age. I am talking about the controversial dock crane, which is supposed to be installed along the beautiful […]

Hiking in Blooming Braunwald

A week ago, we decided to escape the hot summer weather and cool off in the Swiss mountains. Thankfully, our cat started begging for food at the break of dawn, so we were up and running in no time to check the monthly specials by the Swiss railway (SBB). Having heard much about the vacation destination of Braunwald in the canton of […]

8 Creative Smart Car Modifications

Often discounted as Cozy Coupes with horsepower, thousands of tiny Smart cars are whizzing about on Swiss roads! They would simply not fit a 24-pack of toilet paper, unless the Smart had undergone one of these cool modifications which would probably make inventor and late Swatch CEO Nicolas Hayek turn in his grave...

Is Bike Polo the New Black?

What sounds like just another sport for the elites has actually established itself quite well among normal folks. Evidence of this can be seen in Geneva, which is hosting the European Championship these days. Personally, I am going to sit this one out until someone creates a league for Segway polo… What’s your take on bike polo? Do […]