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Switzerland New Olympic Disciplines

Disappointed Swiss Olympic Committee Requests New Sports

The Swiss are not happy with their Olympic performance in the summer games. The team expected as many as seven medals, but received only four...
Swiss horse e-carriage in Avenches, Vadois

Swiss Garbage Carriage from the Future

The Swiss town of Avenches strongly believes in the merits of horse power and has launched an innovative "e-carriage" prototype...
UBS investment banker protest FAIL?

Best Crop Circles in Switzerland

It has always escaped me why aliens would exclusively use corn and wheat fields for their extraterrestrial art. Plus, why do they only work during the warm summer months? As far as I'm concerned, ...
Schilthorn - No Heels Allowed

11 examples of funny signage in Switzerland

The Swiss government has recently decided to retire several street signs. But apparently, they have retired the wrong ones! Funny signage in Switzerland is...
Swiss Black Panther in Bern - Blick

A Black Panther on the Loose in Switzerland

It has been a good week for the Swiss boulevard press. Because how often does it happen that a black panther is on the loose, terrorizing a country as small as Switzerland? Or is it?
Harderpotschete Interlaken Switzerland

Harder Potschete is a New Year's tradition from Interlaken

The ghosts of the past are alive and well in Interlaken. For over 50 years, the town has been celebrating the Harder Potscheten – a New Year’s festival...
UBS investment banker protest FAIL?

Swiss Millionaire Creates World's Most Expensive Car

What Swiss businessman (and millionaire) Ueli Anliker calls the…
Alpine Beard Festival (Copyright Getty Images)

Six bizarre Swiss events you've never heard of

After our initial rundown of the most bizarre Swiss events, here is an update of all the whacky stuff the Swiss have to offer! From "A" as in...
UBS investment banker protest FAIL?

13 Funniest FAILS in Switzerland

Dare we say more? It's the post you have been waiting for! It's instant bragging rights for your Facebook wall because these are without doubt some of the funniest FAILS found in Switzerland!