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World Press Photo Exhibition 2018 (Zürich)

Swiss National Museum Museumstrasse 2, Zürich, ZH

World Press Photo is an exhibit that shows the world through the lens of press photographers. We can give you a sneak peek at this year's exhibition...

KLM World Business Class at Zurich Airport (Sponsored)

Zurich Airport ZRH Zürich-Flughafen, ZH

When it comes to designing large, fully horizontal beds for an airline business class, it makes sense to trust the Dutch. The Dutch airline KLM did just that...


photo19 kicks off Zürich’s year of events

This January, there is a particular event we look forward to the most: photo19. It is always fascinating to view such a wide variety of photographs from...


Heidi in Japan – Swiss National Museum in Zürich

Swiss National Museum Museumstrasse 2, Zürich, ZH

Orphaned mountain girl is taken to the city yet yearns for the alps. It's a story we all know well, and "Heidi in Japan" is the perfect...


photoSCHWEIZ is coming back to Zürich in 2020

Halle 622 Therese-Giehse-Strasse 10, Zürich, ZH

Once the holiday dust has settled and the new year has kicked off, we are always glad to find inspiration at photoSCHWEIZ in Zürich.


Van Gogh Alive is coming to Zürich in 2020

Lichthalle MAAG Hardstrasse 219, Zürich, ZH

One of the most popular multimedia exhibits is about to land in Zürich. 130 years after his death, Van Gogh Alive is our chance to enter...


SPORT X MANGA exhibit at the Olympic Museum

The Olympic Museum Quai d'Ouchy 1, Lausanne

Paying tribute to the TOKYO 2020 Olympic Games and Japanese pop culture, the Olympic Museum offers various special exhibits and events.

Meet a Renaissance great at Raffaello 3D (Bellinzona)

Castello di Sasso Corbaro Via Sasso Corbaro 44, Bellinzona, TI

In 2021, Bellinzona is showcasing a great of the Italian Renaissance: author and artist Raffaello. The Raffaello 3D exhibit is for all ages.


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