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Heimatland/Wonderland (Movie Review)

Heimatland Movie

With the arrival of autumn, a mysterious dark cloud is emerging from central Switzerland.

The experts are clueless about this phenomena. And what is most perplexing is the fact that the cloud's expansion stops smack at the border. Is this a hurricane of catastrophic proportions, or some kind of message to the Swiss people?

The country is in a state of emergency and many Swiss are trying to leave their homeland as refugees. But the European Union has closed down its borders...


Heimatland features many fresh faces thanks to an extensive casting call. There are some familiar faces, too, such as Peter Jecklin who starred in the brillant Swiss gay-movie Der Kreis.

Heimatland Movie


Heimatland Movie PosterAlthough produced on a shoestring budget, this Swiss science fiction flick has some incredible visuals. Most stunning considering the ongoing, real life European refugee drama is the idea of Swiss people being stopped from entering the European Union.

This is a world turned upside down, indeed!

Cinemani Vote: Heimatland (2015)

Ten young directors collaborated on this project, each contributing their own unique style. In its entirety, Heimatland feels like a production from a new generation of filmmakers.

The message they are propagating is controversial: Imagine how the Swiss would deal with the worst possible disaster - the downfall of their home country.

The story is inspired by science fiction classics of the seventies, such as Logan's Run or Soylent Green. A clever idea, brilliantly executed for Swiss standards.

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