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Inside the new Paul Klee exhibit at Fondation Beyeler

Paul Klee at Fondation Beyeler in Basel

Fondation Beyeler is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is holding a series of events to honor its legacy.

Located in Riehen, Basel, the foundation is host to a wonderful collection of world class exhibitions. Invited to see its latest curation of the artworks of Paul Klee with our own eyes, we were transported through a life of color. And we were left speechless by a second, hidden exhibition underneath the main museum.

Paul Klee at Fondation Beyeler

In my opinion, Fondation Beyeler is the perfect place to spend a day, no matter the weather conditions. Because the museum building and the grounds around it are in perfect harmony with one another. There is lots of nature that makes this place unique and relaxing. And what better a perfect place to house the artwork of Klee, whose artwork seems to link with the autumn scene in the gardens outside!

Here's "Flowering" by Paul Klee:

Paul Klee at Fondation Beyeler in Basel

Or "Fire at Full Moon" beside "Braced Surfaces":

Paul Klee at Fondation Beyeler in Basel

It looks like Paul Klee's "Ancient Harmony" found a match!

Paul Klee at Fondation Beyeler in Basel

This 1937 piece by Paul Klee is entitled "Blue Night":

Paul Klee at Fondation Beyeler in Basel

For those of you who are less interested in abstractionism, there is plenty to discover through the "Cooperations" exhibition. It includes works of Cezanne, Picasso, and Van Gogh; surrealists Ernst, Magritte, Balthus and Miro; abstract expressionists Morris Louis and Willem de Kooning; as well as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol as key figures of Pop Art.

It's where the world's master artists hang out.

Apart from the exhibition, the museum has plenty to offer from some of the world's greatest artists. My personal favorite is the room with the artistic "dialogue" between Claude Monet and Marina Abramović who has created a special chair with crystals at the back, supposedly designed to help you collect energy and enjoy the artwork "Nympheas" by Monet.

Paul Klee at Fondation Beyeler in Basel

One of the interesting facts I have learned from the museum guide is that Mr. Beyeler had requested the pond outside of the building to be leveled with the floors inside. Initially, this was rendered impossible from architect's point of view.

A solution was eventually found and it reflects Monet's painting perfectly. It makes you feel the mood and the atmosphere of those water lilies even more.

Paul Klee at Fondation Beyeler in Basel

Take my word and visit the current exhibition at Fondation Beyeler. I also think that these special events in 2017 are quite interesting, so why not time your visit accordingly?

  • Children's workshop (Nov 8 and Dec 13, 3 PM - 5:30 PM): Guided tour through Paul Klee exhibition, followed by lively workshop in the atelier for children aged 6 to 10.
  • Public tour in English (Nov 19 and Dec 10, 3 - 4 PM)
  • Tour for the hearing impaired visitors (Nov 23, 4:30 - 5:30 PM)
  • Public tour in French (Nov 26 and Dec 17, 3 - 4 PM)
  • Tour for visually impaired visitors (Nov 29, 9 AM - noon)
  • Family tour (Dec 3, 11 AM - noon)

More information about tours and events at Fondation Beyeler

Paul Klee at Fondation Beyeler in Basel

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